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Marketing Solutions

We offer bespoke digital release strategies for artists & labels across all platforms increasing visibility, engagement, sales and streams.

Event Planner

Outdoor concerts, Cultural Center Concerts, Municipal Concerts, Theater and Music Festival Organizations

We Have The Right Solutions

MOON STAGE,  is in the field of performing arts; plans to launch production, production, concerts, theater and festival organizations with a professional team. MOON Stage is an organization that works for the best, rather than promising the best for its audience and the institution it works for. It has a successful history with its dynamic staff, innovative perspective and years of experience. While enthusiastically watching the artist, whose posters adorn your room; While listening carefully to the symposium that will contribute to your academic career; While enjoying that animation as colorful as dreams; While experiencing the excitement of the festival, which you are looking forward to all year round; While going from one city to another with a sweet tiredness and justified pride; We were watching you from afar, and we were partnering with your happiness because you were a partner to our happiness… We hope to meet you with the enthusiasm and excitement we leave every season in beautiful events…


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